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ANDY POP. is created by Polish designers Maria Kuboszek and Tomasz Wozniak from FeinFein. Silver, with its unique structure and features, is our major source of creative inspiration and explorations. Working with jewellery and discussing concepts, has led us to the idea of interactive jewellery, which everyone can form on his own. Its central element, color, is exchangeable and corresponds with our mood, whim and spontaneous desire of everyday change.

New collection | MANIFEST! Write anything you want.

There are many ways to express yourself. Our favorite invariably is color. It defines the space. It tells. Manifest our mood. Gives a rhythm. This are some reasons that have encouraged us to join silver with the energy of colorful cords and fabrics. We are presenting you our latest collection - Manifest! - personalized bracelets.

Create your own bracelet and play with silver and colors:

- write our own personal inscription
- choose your favorite color
- order additional cord or fabric with magnetic clasp
- order additional silver element
- shift your individual pieces and create your own unique bracelet


Collection 2011/2012 | FLUO. Change colors every day!

Fluo collection is the result of our fascination with silver and color, its intensity, energy and diversity. While thinking about how to easily change a colour of silver rings, we have discovered seemingly trivial combination, well known to everyone: plasticine, fluo tone, better then the one from our childhood, non-toxic, intensive and staining. We have combined it with silver. As a result, we have created a jewellery that can be formed and take the colour which corresponds with our mood or wardrobe, jewellery which takes us back to our childhood and recalls the diversity.